Brickblock Platform


Smart Contract Integration
Accesses smart contracts on both testnets and mainnet using a contract built to handle tokenized real-estate purchases.
Ethereum Address Detection
Detects Ethereum address in use in order to make purchases and get balances.
Ethereum Address Required
Checks for Web3 and stops user flow at certain points if no account is present.
Fallback Web3 Provider
If no Web3 is provided through Metamask or some other provider, is used to view data.
Server Side Rendered
Rendered on node server.

Languages & Frameworks

Used for client and server
Used for client
Redux/Redux Saga
Used for all async actions such as blockchain related functionality
Used to interact with deployed smart contracts

My Starting Work at Brickblock

When I first started at Brickblock, my main work was with various React based web apps.

Hooking Smart Contracts up to a Web Client

Within a few months, I was spending most of my time working on the smart contracts. However I would say that I still spent around 30% of my time on the platform. I spent a lot of time later on connecting the client to the new smart contracts as well as writing/rewriting/testing the different sagas which were used for connecting and managing blockchain state.