Care Home Management Software


Real Time Database
Uses Firebase to implement a real time database. Users can see updates to service users records in real time as they are updated.
Offline Functionality
Cache's database locally which is wiped upon logout. This enables the app to work offline or in spotty internet conditions quite well.
Push Notification
Sends push notifications to iPhones, android devices, PC and Mac computers. Notifications show in the browser and or in notification areas for mobile devices.
Progressive Web App
Downloadable as an app on android devices. User is automatically prompted to download after using. Complete with an app icon.
Version Control/Change History
Admin users are able to see past changes to important records such as medication, as well as update/restore to previous state.
File Storage/Uploads
Securely store any kind of file on server and viewable later.
Register new care home through sales site or directly on app
User Management
Create, restore, enable, disable, delete, change access rights for users
Subscription Payments
Recurring subscription payments implemented through Stripe after free trial expires. Users restricted from non-trial mode after subscription non-payment or expiry.

Languages & Frameworks

Used for both the backend and the frontend
Makes use of modern features of HTML5 with canvas and web components as a core feature.
Used for hosting, real time database, and push notifications
Used for features that are not included in Firebase. Used to integrate payment gateway, and manage push notifications from Firebase.
Used for the frontend. Used for everything in the frontend, including routing, ui, etc.

Care Home Management with all the Bells and Whistles

The client was a designer who ran a care home. He had a taste for the newest tech as well. This meant that he wanted a tool which used a real time database, worked offline, and sent push notifications. This was all delivered.


Originally the project was going to be written in AngularJS, but the client instead wanted to use Polymer. It was an interesting year getting to know another framework, unfortunately it seems that Polymer never really took off.