Sales Site Written with Polymer


Clean Design
Design implemented in accordance with material design specs given.
Registration functionalilty
Register for Mosaic Software directly from site. Upon signup user is forwarded to the app and signed in.
Contact Form
Simple contact form used to send emails to site owner.
Google maps integration
Simple map integration showing business address.
Crisp Messaging integration
Messaging system is linked up to pop up after certain actions such as page location, time on site etc. Links up to a real person to chat with immediately.

Languages & Frameworks

Vanilla javascript used for some basic features. Nothing too special.
Some siple HTML nothing too exciting here.
Used to serve up components of the site and pages. Also used for the mailer contact form.

Boring Work/Tech but It Works

There was nothing really special here. Just some basic PHP and html/css. Looks nice and gets the job done. Solutions don't always need to be glorious an cutting edge.