NoobCoin everyone gets 100. Yes even you.


Everyone gets 100 NCN (NoobCoin)
ERC20 Compliance
All interfaces required for ERC20 compliance is still met.
Deployed to many testnets
Deployed to many testnets, allowing flexible usage.
Plug and Play
Just add the address for the appropriate network listed in the GitHub readme and you are good to go. You can begin making transfers immediately.

Languages & Frameworks

Used for integration tests
Used for tests and deployment
Used as a basis for secure smart contracts

Thinking Outside the Box

I got this idea when seeing a joke token with a symbol of PNS that was registered in the Parity Token Registry. The token was written so that the totalSupply always returned 100 tokens. With that in mind I thought it would be a neat idea to use that concept for good instead. The idea is simple... a token where you have 100 tokens to start but can also use them as a regular token. This is really nice for quick tests on testnets where you need a token but don't care which token it is. It is also nice for people who are just getting started with ERC20 tokens and dont want to risk real tokens.