Picsum Token


ERC721 Compliant
Follows the non-fungible token standard
Integration with Picsum
Used picsum images as a way of making each token unique
ERC721 Wallet
Also created a wallet which accepts reciept of tokens, used some assembly for calls (should be possible without in version 0.5.0 nowadays)
React, Redux, Redux Saga Interface
Created a basic interface to use beyond tests.

Languages & Frameworks

Created tests using truffle to see what ERC721 user flow would look like and how things work
Extended the Open Zeppelin implementation of ERC721 to get to know the standard

Created in Front of a Live Audience

I creatd this on a twitch stream over a few days. It mainly meant as as something fun to do to learn ERC721 in a bit more detail. Secondarily, it was meant to help other people learn through watching me.