Demo Postmaster API Integration


Enter Shipping Information
Allows you to enter in shipping information for the printable postage. Of course this would normally be integrated to something more dynamic.
Create Printable Postage
Will return printable postage as a pdf that would be printable and usable if it wasnt connected to a sandbox API.

Languages & Frameworks

Used for client and server
Used on the backend to make the calls to postmaster for postage.
Used to handle incoming requests for new postage.
Thrown in for some really simple styles.
Used for the frontend UI to make calls for postage to the backend.
Node module used to make calls to postmaster for postage on the backend.

Super Old and Unimpressive

This is some demo that I created like 5+ years ago... why do I even still have this on my site?

Anyways... this just hooks up to the postmaster sandbox api and uses node for the server and angular for the frontend. It will print out postage which could be printed and used for shipping products.