React Store Demo


Demo of React Fundamental Concepts
This app uses react to demonstrate competence with all of the fundamentals of React. These fundamentals include things such as component creation, component composition, use of JSX, updating UI through state changes, passing props to children, lifting state up to a common component, react events, animating react components through react CSS transition groups, authentication, and using react router.
Authentication via firebase
Users can "claim a store" through logging in via GitHub or Google. After the store has been claimed, only that owner can update the inventory.
Manage inventory
Once logged in, a user can update properties of existing products, add products, and remove products. Inventory changes are reflected in real time using Firebase.
Add/Remove Items to Order
"Customers" can add and remove items to their order.
"Customers" can add and remove items to their order.
Clean looking animations implemented for order updates and inventory updates.

Languages & Frameworks

Used with React.
Used for the server, authentication, and the database.
Used for the UI of the project.
React Router
Used to handle route changes.

Basic React Demo

There isn't anything too crazy here... I built this over a day when I was trying to get my foot in the door for React based projects. I have since worked on plenty of React projects professionally.