Retail Backend Built with Node.js


Add, update, and delete products
Basic CRUD operations for products to be sold.
Add, update, and delete customers
Basic CRUD operations for customers.
Add, update, and delete users
Basic CRUD operations for users allowing access control.
Add, update, and delete orders
Basic CRUD opertaions allowing manual updates of problem orders.
Place orders through retailer templates
Retail site templates can query the backend or product information including prices to display an order.
Run Payments for Orders
Can initiate a payment on the retail site or on backend. Orders must be approved before payment is captured.
Review and approve orders
Allows quality assurance to take place. Also shows up in the order status.
Print postage for orders
When an order is ready to be dispatched. Postage can be printed from the backend. Only warehouse or admin type users can print postage.
Track orders
Order tracking can be done through order Ids
Keep track order order statuses
Will return printable postage as a pdf that would be printable and usable if it wasnt connected to a sandbox API.
order tracking through order IDs
Orders can be tracked based on a givent order ID

Languages & Frameworks

Used for client and server
Used for backend
Handles all routes and CRUD operations for the different entities in this project.
Database for storage of all entities involved.
Used in conjunction with Node/Express to update database entries.
Thrown in for some really simple styles
Used for the frontend UI to make calls to the backend
Node module used to make calls to postmaster for postage on the backend.
Used for payment pre-auth, and payment capture.

Super Old Project

This is another super old project that I built 5+ years ago when I was first becoming interested in Node and AngularJS. Regardless it is actually kind of cool. It manages sellable products, hooks into stripe API, prints postage for shipping products, and serves up product data for multiple retail sites. Could in theory be used for some sort of an affiliate program.