Angular Retail Frontend Site Connecting to Backend


Call to backend API to get product information
Makes calls to the backend to get product prices, names, descriptions, categories, and codes.
Log/Track Retail Orders
Tracks which retailer submitted the order.
Pre-Auth Payments
Send payment information to Stripe as well as pre-auth payments for orders before they are sent to the backend.
Send Orders to the Backend
Order information sent to backend to be processed by my other project, the retailer management software project.

Languages & Frameworks

Used for the frontend with Angular.
Thrown in for some really simple styles.
Used for the frontend UI to make calls to the backend. Displays products in an ordered fashion as well as allowing users to search for products by name or category.
Used for payment pre-auth before sending order to the backend.
Used to interact with deployed smart contracts

Basic AngularJS e-commerce Site Demo

There isn't too much that is interesting about this project. It is a really old project which hooks up the the retail backend project also listed on my site. It is a very old project.