assembly syntax highlighting
assembly blocks now have a special color compard to normal code.
natspec syntax
easier and nicer documentation reading with special colors.
more extensive color scheme
many language feature were missing in other versions. This version fixes that.
scientific number notation
1e18 used much anyone?
constructor keyword highlighting
this was missing before
calldata highlighting
this was missing before
typecase highlighting
this was missing before
abi keyword added
because the old repo has not been touched in 3 years, this feature did not exist at the time.
anonymous & indexed event modifiers includes
this was missing before
reserved words give errors
this was missing before
overall more extensive and detailed syntax highlighting
old repo abandonded
various bug fixes
old repo abandonded

Languages & Frameworks

smart contract language for ethereum. Syntax highlighting is for this language.
Used for implementing the actual syntax

Why build this?

As I was getting into vim, I realized that solidity was lacking a good syntax highlighter in the vim ecosystem. The most popular repo for this purpose had not been touched in 3 years. So I decided to build my own :). The original is forked from tomlion's repo, but it has little in common with it at this point.

Things Learned

The big thing that I got a lot of practice with here was regular expressions! This was used frequently here as you would imagine.