Voteable Owner


Clear Voting Mechanics
Other MultiSig wallets take the destination and bytes calldata as arguments, this does not require this.
Clear Limitations of Functionality
With clear limitations on what the contract can do, more security can be achieved
Easily Extended
Additional voteable actions can be added in a very easy way
Well Documented
Uses natspec for clear documentation on smart contract functionality

Languages & Frameworks

Contracts are written in solidity
Tests are written in Javascript using truffle

A Byproduct of my Work with Scutix

Most of my work with Scutix is in a private repository sadly. However I was allowed to share this part of my work. It works by creating a unique hash with and nonce. Different voters can then run the function in order to vote on running that same function. This has the benefit of making the contract a bit more transparent than a traditional multi-sig contract. It also limits the functionality which can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing.